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STICKY: New account requests   09/18/18  (219)
Amazon to release eight new Alexa devices, including a microwave hehe    09/18/18  (11)
Drunk girls at elite preps and UGs giddy while being assaulted by scion of power    09/18/18  (1)
even HuffPo says WaPo lied about Trump's supposed passport crackdown    09/18/18  (1)
Commercials during NFL games are some seriously creepy dystopian shit    09/18/18  (10)
Hillary was working with Trump to MAGA    09/18/18  (1)
The Case for a More Multicultural Japan    09/18/18  (1)
Kavenaugh washing rubber in the sink before going back in the rape room    09/18/18  (8)
Israel Has a Right To Exist    09/18/18  (27)
NYTimes: Trump is pushing in China's shit when it comes to the trade war    09/18/18  (28)
So DrakeMallard isn't posting NFL ratings anymore? Odd case    09/18/18  (45)
1986 pic of Kavanaugh wearing "bikini inspector" tee    09/18/18  (8)
*Brett Kavanaugh leaning into your car, puking pure Budweiser, hyena laughing*    09/18/18  (8)
Anyone else work with a literal midget?    09/18/18  (1)
Elena Kagan announces"wouldn't feel comfortable coming to work" if Kav appointed    09/18/18  (2)
Fucked a sexy thick 5'10" chick last night raw. Really need to stop this.    09/18/18  (122)
It is truly sad Libs can't get beyond their delusional hate to see good in Trump    09/18/18  (23)
The financial crash was like pulling a fire alarm before a shooting    09/18/18  (4)
Breaks my heart :D is a pro-China, anti-US cuck    09/18/18  (25)
I'm 5'8''. Weigh 219.4 started a water fast this morning    09/18/18  (5)
So the Kavanaugh accuser could well be a delusional lying cunt?    09/18/18  (1)
I am so upset about this sexual assault that it took me 30 yrs to report it    09/18/18  (3)
Saw HS crush for first time since we were 19 today at dotter's dance lessons    09/18/18  (7)
Man Arrested After Rubbing Produce on Buttocks @ Grocery ...Evan?    09/18/18  (4)
ITT a VIDEO of the supposed Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations JFC    09/18/18  (4)
Boomer dumps motor oil on frozen lake at college grad. "run! Apocalypto!"    09/18/18  (1)
Since we are careening towards orwellian dystopia, might as well get in on it?    09/18/18  (1)
lmao video of Trudeau telling indian council they're wasting his time    09/18/18  (2)
i think the rule is the more ethnic you are the more technical your job    09/18/18  (7)
Really cant stand GEE CEE today, bros! White power!    09/18/18  (1)
Sexist RuPaul accepts Emmy Award dressed as a male    09/18/18  (1)
Tinder allows NSA to decide who you mate    09/18/18  (1)
went on Omegle and literally talked to some HS girls who were in a morning class    09/18/18  (1)
TRUMPing isn't too far away, closer to it everyday    09/18/18  (3)
GC loves you and wants you to be happy. why fight it?    09/18/18  (4)
Strzok after Comey firing: We need to open the case weve been waiting on now"    09/18/18  (30)
You're fucking old - Entourage premiered on HBO over 14 years ago    09/18/18  (1)
Lol at "computer science" as if they are pouring chemicals in their CD Rom drive    09/18/18  (26)
Anyone ever see The Prisoner (1963) series?    09/18/18  (5)
Pics of a pool party in 1953 (no fat people)    09/18/18  (37)
Chinese tourists cause commotion checking into Swedish hotel    09/18/18  (42)
Common Sense=understanding there are second order consequences    09/18/18  (2)
5G being released soon to connect drones, cars and manufacturing to internet    09/18/18  (40)
"I need cloud based business solutions", he finally admitted    09/18/18  (102)
Patrick Chung: A UVA Tale (part 1)    09/18/18  (124)
Anderson Cooper brutally savages Donald Trump Jr. over his tweeting lies    09/18/18  (2)
I wear a green MXPX shirt and scrubs out to bars and I have a lot to sex.    09/18/18  (2)
If you wanted call it a trade war then China and rest of world started it    09/18/18  (1)
"hold on hun, im talking to other low t middle aged depressed fags."    09/18/18  (27)
crypto to rebrand as "cloud-based financial ruin solutions"    09/18/18  (9)
Economists Generally Agree That Most Consumer Products Should Be Made In China    09/18/18  (2)
Angry. Incel. Twink. Beautiful. Genius.    09/18/18  (14)
Russia shoots down own plane in Syria    09/18/18  (7)
Woman asks black man to remove his socks in pool -- ruins her life    09/18/18  (167)
just now realizing 90% of my lib facebook "friends" have defriended me    09/18/18  (10)
Reminder: Freemasons were the most successful organized crime group in history    09/18/18  (3)
Bart OKavanaugh should be forced to take a lie detector test, during hearings    09/18/18  (26)
the "Economist" has a female editor in chief lmfao    09/18/18  (6)
BREAKING: Trump has an abnormally large penis head    09/18/18  (16)
FLASHBACK: Marco Rubio calls Trump "Big Donald" at debate    09/18/18  (3)
BREAKING: Trump tweets dick pics, holds press conference    09/18/18  (3)
bloodacre doing dance like the dudes landlord in the big lebowski    09/18/18  (2)
Have any of you ever used "Esq." at the end of ur name? Under what circumstance?    09/18/18  (17)
You know what was awesome? The 1981 film Excalibur.    09/18/18  (7)
Mock Peterman all you want, he just raised $30 in "seed funding"    09/18/18  (9)
Israel PUNKS Russia in Syria. Putin does jack.    09/18/18  (16)
Henry Aaron tp is 180 million    09/18/18  (9)
how did we go from Budweiser frogs to Seth Rogan/ Amy Schumer?    09/18/18  (4)
I paid $0 for law school, 100% GI Bill, no debt.    09/18/18  (12)
"Babe, gonna go hang out with lawyer friends" *drives car to cul de sac. poasts*    09/18/18  (2)
I'm extremely torn on Amy Coney Barrett    09/18/18  (30)
Many former top GOP donors are turning on Trump & donating to Dems    09/18/18  (46)
Rate Tim Sharky Ward's local "crew" in Pattaya    09/18/18  (17)
NY Times: Trump pwning China with his oafish huge mushroom cockhead    09/18/18  (2)
the final scene in the Deer Hunter where they sing God Bless America    09/18/18  (13)
Holy shit, just tried VR porn, women totally done here ljl    09/18/18  (1)
Suzanne Somers: obamacare a 'socialist ponzi scheme'    09/18/18  (5)
Has Keith Ellison (DNC vice-chair) spoken out on Kavanaugh accusations?    09/18/18  (1)
Guy asks black woman for ID at a pool -- ruins his life    09/18/18  (184)
when suicide    09/18/18  (11)
"They call them 'Blockchain Bachelors'..." (Dateline NBC voiceover    09/18/18  (3)
Jinx on Shark Tank: "No, it's pornography FOR children."    09/18/18  (4)
1.3 Hours: Watch 90s TV commercials and weep re: our precipitous downfall    09/18/18  (3)
Big titted party prole girls with southern accents calling you Fag for liking U2    09/18/18  (7)
Open Office By Mornin, Up From Dunkin' Don    09/18/18  (3)
Approaching Gladwell's 10,000 Hour Rule in XO poasting    09/18/18  (12)
remember when some Melvin got his life ruined because he asked some blacks for i    09/18/18  (1)
basically if you are afraid of the dentist youre a 2 year old    09/18/18  (3)
haha wow all along it was just a bruise nothing more probably    09/18/18  (3)
Boss smelled the cucumbers. I'm getting fired (evan39)    09/18/18  (79)
Iowa State female golf champion murdered on golf course    09/18/18  (18)
you as a 12 year old mouthing Sick Cycle Carousel as    09/18/18  (2)
"Help! Help! Is there a blockchain expert on the plane? Experience with Solidit"    09/18/18  (1)
Kavanaugh banged a chick under the bleachers in HS    09/18/18  (1)
non-cloud based business enterprise solutions are DONE HERE    09/18/18  (1)
is Wilbur M still alive this morning?    09/18/18  (17)
Rate this 1991 Sizzler commercial and tell me America isn't Completely Done Here    09/18/18  (7)
Kavanaugh hitting you in the nuts as you walk towards Pre-Calc    09/18/18  (9)
greg abbott: "first act in office i will make it the 90s again."    09/18/18  (8)
assume we already mocked female phd who was upset not being called dr by airline    09/18/18  (2)
We're 2 guys fucking. WE'RE 2 GUYS FUCKING.    09/18/18  (3)
SHITLIBS REAP THE WHIRLWIND. TRUMP calls for major voter fraud investigation    09/18/18  (139)
Apple watches should have lie detector mode turned on 24-7    09/18/18  (1)
Prole tell: not being able to do mental math.    09/18/18  (6)
VHS tape of Kavanaugh and bros playing "Smear the Queer" in 1977    09/18/18  (5)
Giving away 383 Cardano to first poaster ITT    09/18/18  (7)
Brett Kavanaugh has 65 women from high school supporting him. If he's not a CHAD    09/18/18  (3)
I'm retired    09/18/18  (1)
This attempted Kavanaugh takedown will blow up in libs' faces    09/18/18  (13)
(University of Missouri -) COLUMBIA LAW SCHOOL    09/18/18  (2)
Trumpmo 4 life but his 36% approval is disconcerting as fuck    09/18/18  (57)
Any way to apply a tariff other than to slap it on?    09/18/18  (2)
1991 photo of kavanaugh wearing pants backward like Kriss Kross    09/18/18  (3)
Hawaii Judge issues bench warrant for Kavanaugh    09/18/18  (1)
Rachel Jeantel on Russiagate: "Impeach. In apple and banana too."    09/18/18  (1)
Trump slaps 10% Tariff on $200B worth of Chinese goods, goes up to 25% Jan 1    09/18/18  (35)
2 years in. Wall half built? Under budget ahead of schedule?    09/18/18  (30)
Is $350k HHI enough to afford an X5 M?    09/18/18  (36)
what is your favorite type of apple? serious q    09/18/18  (42)
Steve Bannon 30 minute interview with The Economist Editor in Chief    09/18/18  (3)
Amy Coney Barrett OUT for SCOTUS, gets offer to sit on the Presidential staff    09/18/18  (6)
Desperately Seeking Susan holds up extremely well    09/18/18  (1)
Dirte, what was high school like circa 1990?    09/18/18  (1)
ex lawyers form successful indie rock band    09/18/18  (1)
Folks, oafish mushroom heads are the greatest cocks out there    09/18/18  (1)
Ruh-ro: turns out there are now DOZEN of BINDERS of women accusing Kavanaugh    09/18/18  (14)
I am 26yo . Some lady said i looked 18yo.    09/18/18  (10)
Libs now defending the NFL, foreign wars, mega-corporations, and fiscal responsi    09/18/18  (5)
2018 libs: fuck whitey, fuck freedom of speech, fuck 4th amendment, fuck capital    09/18/18  (17)
he and his fiance are to be wed this saturday by rabbi shlomo goldb    09/18/18  (2)
this is the easiest 3% you can make in 2 weeks i have ever seen in my life    09/18/18  (2)
Obeezy gets his shit pushed in 24.7, yet walks around declaring victory. I resp    09/18/18  (1)
Amy Coney Barrett bikini pics are disappointing    09/18/18  (2)
I Made Amy Coney Barrett Get Misty-Eyed at Notre Dame Law    09/18/18  (25)
Amy Coney Barrett would be the most attractive SCOTUS Justice in US history.    09/18/18  (16)
GOP performing terribly in elections today    09/18/18  (87)
Have a bad date 20 years ago? Have drunk sex in college?    09/18/18  (13)
Bert and Ernie (Seasame Street)which one was the top?    09/18/18  (14)
it is pretty funny all the "game" guys went full far right    09/18/18  (4)
Watch the MOMENT Comey threw Bill Priestap under the bus & made him go turncoat    09/18/18  (29)
How cr is Will Durant?    09/18/18  (7)
why does this deep state shit happen so SLLOOOOWWWWW?    09/18/18  (15)
REMINDER: this Kavanaugh ambush is Mcconnell's fault for allowing it on Roy Moor    09/18/18  (20)
Bert and Ernie actually do suck each other off & sodomize each other    09/18/18  (1)
Former FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe seeking IMMUNITY DEAL re: Clinton probe    09/18/18  (46)
STICKY: the FBI has seized this board    09/18/18  (3)
FBI/DOJ "secret society" met day after Trump was elected    09/18/18  (47)
Dealing With Personal Tragedies In Open Office Environment    09/18/18  (3)
Percent by race who thought Michael Brown shooter shouldve been indicted    09/18/18  (1)

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