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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
You just finished a day of blacksmithing. Heading to the local tavern    10/20/17  (124)
What are ur favorite programming books    10/20/17  (2)
Way I know xo poasters are weirdos    10/20/17  (101)
geraldo rivera is a fake jewish homo    10/20/17  (3)
Anyone here popular and well-liked by people? What's your secret?    10/20/17  (23)
Coldplay "yellow" plays as MPA swipes right on dozens of hapa girls    10/20/17  (1)
i want to shed all the bad/unhelpful mental groves and develop new 180 ones    10/20/17  (11)
gen-z reading Choose Your Own Gender novels    10/20/17  (5)
Massive clash between cops and militants near Giza pyramids; 30+ cops dead:    10/20/17  (4)
Uber driver has a rap station on - there is nothing worth saving in our society    10/20/17  (5)
Kurt Angle is wrestling in a PPV match this Sunday. Not flame    10/20/17  (5)
reminder: spaceporn graduated at bottom of LS class along w nigs -5 LSAT pts    10/20/17  (36)
David Cross's wife throws him under bus after racist joke about asians    10/20/17  (40)
how hard is it to get a straight up F in a law school class at CCN?    10/20/17  (1)
Rank these sorority gals as farters (James Joyce Jr.)    10/20/17  (5)
klinefelter syndrome | filipino wife | adopted azn kid | shitlaw    10/20/17  (6)
Most damning thing about chilmata is how he watches Survivor    10/20/17  (1)
cliffs on MPM/lawman8 stuff that happened today?    10/20/17  (129)
Can I get Bar Mitzvahed if I didn't when younger?    10/20/17  (26)
What phone do you have?    10/20/17  (94)
saw a hilarious bisexual asian female comedian last night    10/20/17  (1)
cup my ear & hear "clocks" piano loop faintly echoing in lawman8's cavernous ass    10/20/17  (3)
GF gave Princess Bride a lukewarm reception - dump?    10/20/17  (4)
9.7m yr old teeth found in Europe challenge Out of Africa theory of human origin    10/20/17  (13)
READY for a BIG Friday night of POASTING?    10/20/17  (8)
*BUSCUCK gets off crowded bus to let wheelchair on* *bus pulls away, leaving him    10/20/17  (6)
My pets are less reliant on social welfare than Blacks    10/20/17  (1)
Belgian/Euro Shitlibs Fund Solar Panels in West Bank. IDF Demolishes Them    10/20/17  (3)
There are intelligent, attractive women living simple lives of quiet dignity    10/20/17  (12)
The new Frontline on Mosul is fucking amazing. Better than any feature film    10/20/17  (4)
Hypo: tongue Sarah Huckabee Sanders' SHITCANAL for 45m or Trump goes to jail    10/20/17  (42)
A woman said something incredibly insightful today    10/20/17  (1)
Stomach Pain For 4 Days. Doc Said I Have Stomach Inflamation    10/20/17  (23)
"Back door, please?" the BUSCUCK squeaked    10/20/17  (8)
Rate Raquel Welch at 77    10/20/17  (6)
"Well, the 12 bus doesn't run there on Saturday," the BUSCUCK told the Tinder g    10/20/17  (4)
scientist: lets rewrite history over this 2mm diameter bone fragment i found    10/20/17  (1)
*u drop your phone with xo open on public bus. stranger picks it up*    10/20/17  (1)
? for James Joyce Jr.    10/20/17  (6)
"black ppl like pork chops b/c of africa shape" is the worst meme this board has    10/20/17  (7)
Do kids still read Choose-your-own-adventure books or was that an 80s thing?    10/20/17  (3)
TCU cheerleader farting in a hot tub (video)    10/20/17  (2)
Britney Spears - Toxic plays over a supercut of me browsing xo on a sunny day    10/20/17  (6)
*grabs mic at earl's hs reunion* "earl you faggot lol!" (doobs)    10/20/17  (126)
As I get older and older, the Beatles get younger and younger.    10/20/17  (1)
Reptiles: it's not too early to start thinking about 2020.    10/20/17  (7)
The "Three Illusions" of existance    10/20/17  (24)
Deposed a black defendant today--on SSD w a side hustle    10/20/17  (8)
"Idris Elba talking in jive" is the worst meme this board has    10/20/17  (62)
don't forget EARL got suckered by coldplay fan's MPM flame and had a hissy fit    10/20/17  (12)
im so tired of proles misinterpreting the road not taken in their FB posts    10/20/17  (8)
coldplay fan-ify your monikers ITT    10/20/17  (17)
ITT: proof that halford was using a RASCAL scooter at age 12    10/20/17  (2)
JFC! JFK-HKG flights are INSANELY CHEAP    10/20/17  (20)
Why is UGA ranked in the top 4?    10/20/17  (17)
Let's get all the Irish people in one thread. Irish pride!    10/20/17  (26)
G3 2018: Satch, John Petrucci, Phil Collen    10/20/17  (36)
BAD MOTHER-FUCKER    10/20/17  (1)
9/11 was barely mentioned in The Sopranos    10/20/17  (16)
Penn State Professor Calls On White Males Last, Is Surprised By Backlash    10/20/17  (37)
Cognitive scientists doing invasive, erotic testing on boner_police    10/20/17  (1)
"They call me..." *spiderwalks down basement stairs*    10/20/17  (31)
PREDICT ruling in Supreme Court Gerrymandering case    10/20/17  (5)
boner_police choking pumo assailants with his mind from comfort of rascal scoote    10/20/17  (3)
Tech CEO wears a full cowboy outfit to work every day (link)    10/20/17  (1)
LOL at trying to "understand" boner police's intelligence with numbers    10/20/17  (1)
There's basically no cost-effective way for people to get educations or retire h    10/20/17  (13)
***MPM2017: TOWARDS THE FUTURE*** (the real hoast, Bad Motherfucker tp)    10/20/17  (20)
So it turns out Trump is an even better artist than George W. Bush    10/20/17  (1)
"Push it to the limit" plays as boner police robs McDonalds in Rascal scooter    10/20/17  (10)
how did that guy KArl Pilkington talked to have a magnetic body?    10/20/17  (1)
IQ test summary options: mean, +1 SD, +2 SD, +3 SD [huge gap] boner_police    10/20/17  (3)
Remember when libs weren't dishonest, immoral, anti-USA pieces of shit?    10/20/17  (28)
Do chefs ever test their dishes and then just decide to eat the whole thing?    10/20/17  (8)
Really is insane libs politicized Presidential communication with fallen soldier    10/20/17  (5)
LJL, video show xoKelly was lying about Wacky Rep. Wilson's FBI speech    10/20/17  (1)
Turns out John Kelly fucking lied in his speech yesterday    10/20/17  (27)
Getting annoyed with these chill "West Coast" poasters    10/20/17  (15)
Chilmata and Kihote are an XO "power couple"    10/20/17  (3)
Wonder Woman sucked; what is this flame?    10/20/17  (6)
The Holy Trinity of Chillmata, Chandler and Kihote    10/20/17  (16)
Wait, Boner Police claimed 240 IQ?    10/20/17  (15)
Psychologist shaking in fear while administering IQ to boner_police    10/20/17  (5)
good resources for quick & dirty front-end design?    10/20/17  (10)
Why can't you pay student loans with pre-tax dollars?    10/20/17  (42)
We millenials fuck shit up    10/20/17  (5)
Every day my 401K goes up like $1000... this can't be sustainable right?    10/20/17  (2)
the "feud" between Trump and Sessions is all theater.    10/20/17  (2)
Black gf asked me how *realistic* TV show "Suits" is    10/20/17  (17)
Guess city (easy)    10/20/17  (6)
OH MY GOD, IS THAT VIVA LA VIDA ON THE PA?    10/20/17  (17)
Taking a month off in between jobs, taking Qs.    10/20/17  (35)
what accounts for Philly's shit skyline    10/20/17  (4)
What's the most creative strategy you yourself have ever come up with?    10/20/17  (19)
Ricahsrd Spencer supporters arrested in shooting near UF    10/20/17  (53)
Terence McKenna Autism Cure: 5 dried grams of psilocybin in silent darkness    10/20/17  (8)
would love to read a depraved spritezero sex story right now (jcm)    10/20/17  (20)
Surly depressive faggot here. Wonder why people try avoid me    10/20/17  (1)
Bad Motherfucker = facemo?    10/20/17  (30)
Google AI now teaches itself, one step closer to Singularity (Gizmodo)    10/20/17  (3)
Serious Q: is the Sopranos worth binging?    10/20/17  (3)
Yeah Becky, he gets dominated by Jews all day and then takes it out passive aggr    10/20/17  (2)
*Sees ppl being competent, cordial at work* "LJL SLAVE MENTALITY"    10/20/17  (3)
"Oh Cort, a what you do at portforio company? You a in regar rorr?" (Colt's wife    10/20/17  (23)
Shitlibs Wrong Once Again. Police Body Cameras Do Nothing.    10/20/17  (1)
Eat tuna straight out of the can. Girls will think you eat a lot of pussy.    10/20/17  (14)
DC to NYC in 29 minutes.    10/20/17  (57)
52 year-old "man" sues Mr. Rogers' estate, claims he was molested for three year    10/20/17  (1)
GOP considering 401k limit of 2400 dollars. If Trump accepts, I'm out.    10/20/17  (68)
Xo made fun of me for writing "I got a new job" in my resignation letter    10/20/17  (14)
bill murray: champagne all weekend, u: poast    10/20/17  (226)
LJL now they're talking about taxing Roth IRA accounts at retirement (link)    10/20/17  (10)
I am the edgelord. NONE of you are edgier than me.    10/20/17  (1)
Weird that there is a massive Confederate memorial in Arlington cemetery    10/20/17  (2)
Xo made fun of me for singing "I want a new drug" in my resignation vocaroo    10/20/17  (1)
I quit my job on the spot. HR sent me this email.    10/20/17  (27)
I'm lazy and incompetent yet I can get employers to hire me    10/20/17  (29)
Ever talk to yourself?    10/20/17  (6)
Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Texarkana 10/10 BBW QUEEN    10/20/17  (4)
so trump could have defeated libs forever but couldnt hack it huh gj reptiles    10/20/17  (2)
reminder: shitlibs are shitlib bc they wish to deny their own corruption    10/20/17  (1)
would love to bury my snout in sarah huckabee sander's meaty haunches    10/20/17  (2)
XO 2007: "Resemble monkeys!" XO 2017: "Resemble humans!'    10/20/17  (1)
lawman180 giving financial and crypto advice    10/20/17  (10)
PSA: biggest chickmagnet i know is a diehard coldplay fan    10/20/17  (11)
ITT you suggest songs for my incredible Spotify playlist    10/20/17  (34)
Where will Amazon build it's 2nd Headquarters?    10/20/17  (23)
ITT you write a max 50 word bio about your bort persona    10/20/17  (78)
Scaramucci posts innocent poll asking how many died during holocaust, libs ir8    10/20/17  (3)
CNN EXIT POLLS: 87% of TRUMPTURDS will commit suicide TONITE!    10/20/17  (7)
is krampusnacht black? trying to picture who wouldn't like idris elba threads    10/20/17  (16)
UC Santa Cruz Republican meeting ends in arrests; story reads like a parody:    10/20/17  (50)
CIA Director: WikiLeaks is an enormous threat, we're working to take it down (li    10/20/17  (1)
how does spotify compare to pandora for music discovery    10/20/17  (7)
my wife, hardcore Trumpmo, watches clips of the View every night so she can rage    10/20/17  (1)
19 year old Sarah Huckabee "passed out" on settee at frat party    10/20/17  (4)
Sarah Huckabe Sanders in skimpy bikini at MTV Spring Break 2003(Daily Mail)    10/20/17  (3)
you unzip, Sarah Huckabee Sanders giggles and pulls sleeve out of dresser drawer    10/20/17  (1)
New Ben Garrison: Wake up, Watchdog!    10/20/17  (3)
ragnus, have fun on your trip w your gf this weekend. report back w details!    10/20/17  (1)
lol so a fucking WAVE killed 300,000 chinks in 2004??    10/20/17  (8)
Ted Cruz Elbows Wife (Street Fighter Remix)    10/20/17  (3)
I'm watching the NBA now because of LaVar Ball. best thing to happen since MJ    10/20/17  (3)
MPM Round 1: Watchmen v. lawman8    10/20/17  (12)
Video of me coming into contact with every hater over the past 2 years (link)    10/20/17  (6)
New Ben Garrison: Bush Speaks Hillary (link)    10/20/17  (1)
lol so wait, was wmtp in on this or?    10/20/17  (23)

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