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STICKY: New account requests   04/09/18  (203)
Post a SINGLE picture of your dream home itt, others rate.    04/19/18  (69)
Chick biglaw senior associate taking questions for the first time    04/19/18  (92)
life exists because various equilibrium seeking forces we already know about nee    04/19/18  (3)
Chilmata what does you fiance think of Trump?    04/19/18  (2)
*Rides a giant, bucking xanax bar like a rodeo cowboy* "Yeeehaw!!!"    04/19/18  (4)
BAREBACKED a 26 year old GERMAN CANADIAN last night. Taking ?s ITT. WGWAG!    04/19/18  (4)
Criteria for being a Real Man    04/19/18  (19)
A certain chill kind of torturous emotional blackness    04/19/18  (1)
lol you dumbasses didnt even know that the vikings were all muslims    04/19/18  (6)
ITT: post your unpopular movie opinions    04/19/18  (200)
the best thing about shitcons is angry white loser males @ bottom of hierarchy    04/19/18  (2)
rate these chill dishy chad lites getting into an accident on a dirt bike (video    04/19/18  (8)
I wonder if Peterman is ever on a date and remembers the trucker threads    04/19/18  (7)
Should i hold ~10% bonds in my long term portfolio? or fuck bonds    04/19/18  (40)
Do Biglaw Partners ever act like this? Accounting Partner slams underling who    04/19/18  (7)
Study: men who prefer BIG breasts are lower in socio-economic standing    04/19/18  (30)
Trumps biggest mistake was using Jews to do his bidding    04/19/18  (6)
Mom diagnosed with aggressive cancer at 55...    04/19/18  (39)
Robin Wright Penn was hot as fuck 1984-1999. Inarguable.    04/19/18  (5)
Somebody stop this planet. I want to get off.    04/19/18  (1)
We exist as an effective means of cutting down accruing oxygen atoms    04/19/18  (2)
Is Olivia Cooke a 10?    04/19/18  (25)
"Brer Hogg and the Delaney Tarrbaby"    04/19/18  (2)
so biology is all about membranes, now, huh?    04/19/18  (18)
Ex Sugar Ray lead man raising millions in credible bid for California governor    04/19/18  (6)
Ur son pickin up keg on his 21st, hears faint wheezing inside it    04/19/18  (26)
Legend of the Galactic Heroes Premium Box Set 4430 min. pepper angus    04/19/18  (1)
rate this laid back aussie bro trap a yuge tarantula spider in an amazon box    04/19/18  (2)
Long distance gf admitted to making out w/ supposedly gay guy    04/19/18  (1)
Real talk: Most anime is better than 99% of American TV shows    04/19/18  (36)
What are some targets that have SURVIVED lib attacks?    04/19/18  (27)
To the Bros "sticking it out" in shitty marriages    04/19/18  (8)
Just become an AI researcher and make seven figures.    04/19/18  (1)
how do you decide which stocks to buy unless you understand financial accounting    04/19/18  (15)
welp, high as fuck, learnin' about biochem    04/19/18  (6)
"i'm a law shrew" groans doobs between ECT jolts    04/19/18  (2)
Skadden partner: "So get ur associates from NYU or some other shitty law school"    04/19/18  (12)
Ok, Trump is a bust. Plan B: we start an actual revolution now.    04/19/18  (6)
Sad truth: even if collusion occurred, FBI is not competent enough to uncover    04/19/18  (52)
If you're honest, Trump is fucking weird    04/19/18  (56)
"Dad, the bidet is wheezing!" "Son we don't have a bidet..."    04/19/18  (18)
Mel Gibson: "Of course that shifty Jew made money off my comments on Jews."    04/19/18  (58)
Trump can denuclearize NKorea and won't get a Nobel peace prize    04/19/18  (1)
TIME: NOWAG leads to BETTER treatment of women in China (link)    04/19/18  (2)
In any culture war event, has XO ever taken the side against racists?    04/19/18  (35)
why do proles think basketball, soccer, etc. is "cardio"    04/19/18  (119)
Any reason not to roll over old 401Ks into IRAs?    04/19/18  (5)
RCP90 tp let's have a double bar mitzvah    04/19/18  (1)
Id like In n Out more if their fries werent so FUCKING TERRIBLE    04/19/18  (39)
The racism on this board is out of control and sickening    04/19/18  (151)
Can I get Bar Mitzvahed if I didn't when younger?    04/19/18  (37)
Whats a more powerful memory trigger for you: sound or smell?    04/19/18  (1)
Prole tell: antisemitisn    04/19/18  (7)
CNN: Kim Jong Un,Dont Make Neville Chamberlains Mistake and Meet with Hitler    04/19/18  (19)
Pro tip: get off your fucking phone when youre driving    04/19/18  (1)
BBC Documentary: Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit #CharlesXII    04/19/18  (2)
James Woods destroys feminism.    04/19/18  (1)
How can you hire a lawyer without seeing a low shot of the conference table?    04/19/18  (2)
To the Bros "shitting it out" in sticky messes    04/19/18  (1)
Ivanka grinding on your cock, "You gonna grant my hubby a Presidential pardon?    04/19/18  (10)
Imagine how unhinged Trump will be as an ex-POTUS lmao trumpmos you better hope    04/19/18  (4)
Trump-Russia aside - Jared is literally going to jail for unrelated reasons    04/19/18  (2)
Nyuug dear, me and Sergey need to go visit our sick uncle, probly a month    04/19/18  (3)
nyuug is now trying to pretend the Russian "wife" story arc was flame    04/19/18  (1)
Nyuug dear, I am going shoping, Sergey will take me, can I have some $$$?    04/19/18  (17)
DESCRIBE features of houses you love    04/19/18  (147)
"What's ur policy on going out to ur car and screaming the N word w windows up?"    04/19/18  (1)
Nyuug dear, me and Sergey were sitting here watching TV while u were at work    04/19/18  (7)
Nyuug dear, this is my brother Sergey, d'you mind he stays with us for a while?    04/19/18  (17)
imagine if Michael Richards Laugh Factory incident happened today    04/19/18  (1)
"Chubby, single & ready to mingle!!"    04/19/18  (3)
it's sickening when shitlibs forcememe ugly nigger apes as good looking    04/19/18  (35)
"hey sorry I pulled a 'Michael Richards' at yr party. no more drinking for me ha    04/19/18  (16)
2019: Nobel Prize Awarded to N. Korea's Kim Jong Un for achieving peace in Korea    04/19/18  (3)
xo is a haven of sanity, screamed the mentally ill autist clitdicks    04/19/18  (5)
$cam/lie$    04/19/18  (1)
Kushner Cos. Subpoenaed for Information Related to Housing Filings    04/19/18  (2)
Butthurt basement virgin: the memoirs of an easily triggered nigger    04/19/18  (16)
David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, circa 2038    04/19/18  (4)
Butthurt I Persecution Complex I MAGA    04/19/18  (8)
Its a wierd sensation when you come across a kid's cheery lost toy in a parking    04/19/18  (7)
LA County judge grants gangbanger's request for "jury of peers' with 12 gang mem    04/19/18  (6)
This bro DESTROYS anti-semites/Kevin MacDonald/alt right    04/19/18  (7)
Larry Nasser releases new book entitled "Hey Man, Smell My Finger"    04/19/18  (4)
Trump motorboating Rudy Giuliani in drag. (2000)    04/19/18  (2)
sitting in a dark room chomping addys like pacman    04/19/18  (19)
That evo psych leads to Buddhism is reason enough to conclude both false    04/19/18  (3)
Let's go crazy, let's get nuts    04/19/18  (1)
Why do living blacks think theyre entitled to reparations?    04/19/18  (10)
Lawman will you read that article    04/19/18  (3)
Apparently some people here took my "bigot" schtick seriously    04/19/18  (8)
Dr thunder how's life    04/19/18  (1)
Rate this $1.23M condemned home w/ roof holes in SF BAY AREA    04/19/18  (16)
Lawman8 how many people are on your bad list right now?    04/19/18  (2)
Is reddit's new CEO a man or a woman? (pic    04/19/18  (16)
Anyone else notice a lot of internet memes are about black people? What gives?    04/19/18  (1)
Bird is nesting on my balcony. It is apparently protected by FEDERAL LAW    04/19/18  (24)
An entire genre of amputee porn (pic)    04/19/18  (6)
married bros, how much tolerance do you have for getting screamed at by wife?    04/19/18  (87)
Why did shitlibs make it so dangerous to call black coworkers Nigger Apes?    04/19/18  (5)
Libs forced to praise Bolton.    04/19/18  (2)
XOXO is a place for high IQ whites to lament the dilution of their genetic stock    04/19/18  (33)
Rate this Georgia State University undergrad (link)    04/19/18  (6)
what is the most prestigious big 4 accounting forum?    04/19/18  (12)
Someone make an app that converts English into Asian speak (Engrish)    04/19/18  (2)
i pervasively hate life itself and want to die    04/19/18  (10)
It's Thursday so Ive got 25 xo tabs open each with its own alt on a multi-ip vpn    04/19/18  (1)
taking a week off biglaw, so I can fly to DC & wingman for CharlesXII. Taking Qs    04/19/18  (45)
Why do blacks think theyre entitled to procreation?    04/19/18  (2)
Are these TTT grads better looking than T14 grads    04/19/18  (6)
Rate this law teen from Georgetown (pic)    04/19/18  (44)
Getting a little (lot)    04/19/18  (2)
NXPI: risk-free oafish 3% spread    04/19/18  (54)
How many selfbumps should you do on a thread before acknowledging it just sucks?    04/19/18  (1040)
Oh Malk! Why you spend birrion on miclochips? We make at home!    04/19/18  (6)
the Southwest pilot was hot when she was young    04/19/18  (3)
black fiance and I got ourselves a real estate (buyers) agent    04/19/18  (4)
Amazing how we cannot discuss NIGGER APES as if they were SACRED AMERICAN ANIMAL    04/19/18  (3)
goddamn fuck these jews bro    04/19/18  (1)
not flame just had DTP levels of blood in my shit    04/19/18  (1)
Condemned house in Northern California sells for $1.23 million    04/19/18  (5)
Fuck it. Im writing "TRANNIES ONLY" on my OKC profile    04/19/18  (13)
OBAMA to give primetime address to apologize to Ghana    04/19/18  (3)
'I was wrong about you. I overestimated you.'    04/19/18  (1)
Those dark lonely moments when you remember its useless to argue about anything    04/19/18  (1)
Am I the only one here who thinks pussy is incredibly low value?    04/19/18  (28)
you guys just pretend to hate jews right?    04/19/18  (109)
Said this before, but God I want to fuck Jessica Camerato.    04/19/18  (1)
flashback video: Deep State Rat Fuck Mueller before congress    04/19/18  (5)
Jews, why did you operate the African slave trade?    04/19/18  (25)
fuck you, they're steve maddens actually    04/19/18  (2)
Which 10 songs make up the SOUNDTRACK of your life?    04/19/18  (4)
Living legend Morrissey: Acid attacks are non-white, can't be addressed because    04/19/18  (39)
Non-retarded XO: views re: impact of bitcoin futures on spot price?    04/19/18  (6)
embarrassed Mexicans have asked that Jeb stop calling himself a Mexican    04/19/18  (1)
White Working-Class Voters May Not Care About Trump Scandals [NYMag]    04/19/18  (9)
T or F: You will be worth more than Martin Shkreli in 2028    04/19/18  (12)
first line in Jeb's obituary will be about him getting facefucked by Trump in 16    04/19/18  (2)
male anus: round, platonic ideal of HOLE. female vagina: Pythagorean nightmare    04/19/18  (11)
vienna boys choir chanting my neck my bac.mp3 as halfords lowered into the groun    04/19/18  (2)
David Chase simply took it to far with AJ Soprano    04/19/18  (12)
virtual offices - help    04/19/18  (27)
NatGeo: Three Black Women Who Discovered America Before Columbus    04/19/18  (10)
Alabama set to execute 83-year-old murderer    04/19/18  (2)
Barbara Bush in Will Wonka Hat and cape, as The Amazing Racist    04/19/18  (1)
Fresno State professor calls Barbara Bush "amazing racist", happy she's dead    04/19/18  (70)
Eating cum linked to weight loss says study by Peterman    04/19/18  (2)
more prestigious: Wharton finance or HUG econ?    04/19/18  (10)
Eating ice cream linked to weigh loss says study by Ben & Jerry    04/19/18  (7)

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