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2.5x as many votes cast in Alabama GOP primary than Dem primary    12/13/17  (13)
Polls show rural Alabamans "highly swayed" by Lena Dunham tweets    12/13/17  (2)
Alabama man offers his teen daughter to Roy Moore    12/13/17  (5)
Ragnus: "She will fall in love w/ me after marrying me for money" (DTP)    12/13/17  (42)
the ANGELS get Ohtani!    12/13/17  (2)
Rate this live performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons (Winter)    12/13/17  (1)
Predictit: XO Roy Moore 57% Shitlib Doug Jones 44% - Suck my ASS libs    12/13/17  (18)
so Moore is getting elected anyway & dems lost a Senator?    12/13/17  (23)
Ry Moore scandal shows elite disconnect with Blue Collar America    12/13/17  (31)
Judge Roy Moore wins Alabama senate seat    12/13/17  (3)
Moore wins hth    12/13/17  (8)
Trumpmos dumb enough to post now so we can revel in their impotent rage    12/13/17  (1)
Compilation of classical era (2008-2010) Whok threads    12/13/17  (31)
does aspartame make you retarded    12/13/17  (7)
which is worse: state of campaign finance, or gerrymandering?    12/13/17  (3)
wmtp violently spit roasted by a gang of 20 xo'ers    12/13/17  (4)
Biodome or BIG ROY MOORE. Which is the bigger xoBannon failure?    12/13/17  (1)
College Presidents Making $1 Million Rise With Tuition and Student Debt    12/13/17  (36)
Libsss ur gonna die (to the tune of Sugar Ray's "Fly")    12/13/17  (69)
just went to athens chick-fil-a. look at what was in my bag (not flame) (pic)    12/13/17  (60)
xoSteve Bannon smugly proclaiming victory    12/13/17  (1)
Lmao Libs u thought 2016 was bad well in 2017 ur all gonna die    12/13/17  (23)
lol, GOP loses Ala fucking bama. 2018 and 2020 are going to really suck for them    12/13/17  (1)
We're not breaking out of this paradigm until we heavily dose the water supply    12/13/17  (2)
I believe I can fly / Lmao libs you're all gonna die    12/13/17  (12)
its something unpredictable but in the end its right lmao libs ur all gonna die    12/13/17  (93)
lol at blacks falling for this    12/13/17  (9)
He was a terrible candidate, folks. A sick puppy. But I tried. Thanks    12/13/17  (4)
Board trumpmos acting even less dignified than Roy (who didn't concede) Moore    12/13/17  (1)
#nevercuck #strongindefeat #YouKnowTeensAreHotStopFrontin    12/13/17  (1)
nyuug: DESCRIBE your level of fluency in Korean.    12/13/17  (2)
Real talk though bannon was right would have been bigger blow of moore stepped d    12/13/17  (1)
Senator Roy Moore introducing "Wetbacks Have Got to Go Back Act of 2018"    12/13/17  (7)
Hawaii Judge: "Yep"    12/13/17  (6)
come out from your ratholes libs and celebrate, it'll make you easier to squash    12/13/17  (2)
welp, bort is really bad now, see you guys tommorrow night    12/13/17  (1)
Do the WUSTL!    12/13/17  (62)
TRUMP stepping up for BIG ROY MOORE today!!!    12/13/17  (13)
Oh shit, Moore leading by only 2% with 16% reporting    12/13/17  (7)
Faces Hillary makes while UNLEASHING into her RANCID DIAPER    12/13/17  (65)
It is clearly God's will that Roy Moore be a senator.    12/13/17  (2)
Sessions, humiliated & powerless at own agency, watches Dem take seat he vacated    12/13/17  (13)
What will Hillary do now that shes president?    12/13/17  (10)
god, I am so excited that Roy Moore is gonna be senator    12/13/17  (17)
A temporary ban on Roy Moore until the mall can figure out what's going on    12/13/17  (3)
So they found Ancient Egyptian porn    12/13/17  (12)
so the Roy Moore thing pretty much blew over?    12/13/17  (29)
Shitlaw stories    12/13/17  (3)
Lol@thinking xoKennedy will retire while tlsTrump is POTUS    12/13/17  (3)
Fox: Not all votes are in yet!    12/13/17  (20)
LOL @ XO Barack Obama - unable to deliver Penn - FUCKING - ysylvania    12/13/17  (5)
one of our attorneys is a Jew    12/13/17  (1)
Bye bye Ms American Pie / Drove my Chevy to the levee libs ur all gonna die    12/13/17  (146)
Roy Moore: "God is with us. This is not over." (Fox)    12/13/17  (1)
Bold Prediction: Doug Jones by 3.    12/13/17  (15)
IT monkey hamster faced turd Paulie Porsche has completely lost it tonight    12/13/17  (3)
Not flame, going to follow in Dirtes footsteps and become an oilfield prole    12/13/17  (6)
Rate these developer salaries at major tech companies    12/13/17  (4)
Are we all not but Japanese cum receptacles in this bukkake of life?    12/13/17  (9)
Ana Navarro just told panelist to not mansplain then broke out into song    12/13/17  (9)
Roy Moore: "It's not over" - DOES NOT CONCEED (BusinessInsider)    12/13/17  (1)
NYC libs gather at Javits Center to watch Alabama election returns    12/13/17  (6)
LATINOS FOR TRUMP    12/13/17  (2)
Claire McCaskill, Jon Tester & Joe Manchin cackling wildly as they watch TV, why    12/13/17  (1)
Fyi for all you sickos out there. Its easy ok. Stop. Interacting. With. Womyn.    12/13/17  (1)
Roy Moore's just shows Trump will lose to HRC lmao    12/13/17  (2)
Ljl, Fox has switched to #BIGSTRZOKNEWS now. Lol    12/13/17  (2)
Are we all not but niggers in this great ghetto of life?    12/13/17  (251)
LOL at xoSteve Bannon, not being able to deliver Ala-fucking-bama    12/13/17  (10)
ibs had to sacrifice lauer, charlie rose, franken, conyers just to sandbag moor    12/13/17  (3)
Doug Jones literally played "Teach Me How to Dougie" at his victory rally    12/13/17  (13)
one small silver lining with AL results - GOP wont have the Moore baggage going    12/13/17  (5)
I know one of the Trump accusers IRL    12/13/17  (13)
libs are absolutely insane and must be stopped    12/13/17  (14)
xoCharles Barkley taking victory lap on CNN right now    12/13/17  (9)
Doug Jones is gonna be Kamala Harris's VP pick    12/13/17  (4)
ohnoes taking/giving qs on rocket league, shitcoding, cbb, etc.    12/13/17  (9)
My dick is getting smaller    12/13/17  (6)
Steve Bannon: nationalism still strong, Alabama is an ultra lib blue state    12/13/17  (1)
Kozinski: "I didn't grope her, I didn't even high FIVER"    12/13/17  (7)
NOT FLAME - Roy Moore rode his horse to polling station    12/13/17  (42)
the numbers really just don't add up re Roy Moore    12/13/17  (1)
#metoo hysteria is about to 10x    12/13/17  (11)
Rate this ALPHA Chicago private equity bro    12/13/17  (17)
LOL hot blonde chick VP at Citadel accuses Dean of Chicago Booth of s    12/13/17  (19)
Peter Strzok text messages just released    12/13/17  (18)
Hillary's eyes bulging out, drool hangs from chin, mouth agape, "Am Prethident?"    12/13/17  (89)
Moore still has a chance if the AP Poll goes for him    12/13/17  (6)
How big is JCMs GUNT?    12/13/17  (1)
Unprestigious private equity firms in chicago    12/13/17  (22)
O lord please dont let me be misunderstood    12/13/17  (2)
GOP: "You win again this time America! But we'll be back!"    12/13/17  (58)
Guess my LSAT score (DTP)    12/13/17  (2)
Im honestly tired of everyone being SO into politics lately ...    12/13/17  (44)
WaPo staff all high fiving and fist pumping like Apollo 13 reentry scene    12/13/17  (1)
Justice Merrick Garland calls to congratulate Doug Jones    12/13/17  (1)
UNSKEW!!!!!!!!!    12/13/17  (1)
Lol so where do i start? Ummmmm yea its been a wild ride    12/13/17  (1)
Trump is done here in 2020.    12/13/17  (14)
I'm male and I'm also 5'7 . . . taking questions    12/13/17  (4)
good news, most board trumpmos are young, we have lots of time to deport them    12/13/17  (2)
Holy Shit - women panelists totally fucking out of control on CNN right now    12/13/17  (2)
Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 is horrendously bad garbage. Btw on Netflix now    12/13/17  (3)
that Ball kid on the Lakers has an ugly fucking shot.    12/13/17  (2)
Rate this Trump supporter's cutting edge legal analysis    12/13/17  (18)
I guess we'll have to settle for POTUS    12/13/17  (11)
Anyone else here SMALL?    12/13/17  (14)
Rofl, Northwestern Law Launches Online Master of Science in Law Degree for STEM    12/13/17  (3)
gay to think the little things women do are cute?    12/13/17  (21)
I want to see Ana Navarro beaten and raped on live TV    12/13/17  (17)
When does Trump start pardoning? Next summer?    12/13/17  (3)
I think I have mild delirium tremens    12/13/17  (8)
Anyone else here have a THREE INCHER?    12/13/17  (4)
Enormous voter fraud being covered up by Alabama court    12/13/17  (13)
If you voted for Jones, please swipe left! Thnx!    12/13/17  (3)
Think someone stole my phone. What replacement shld I get?    12/13/17  (3)
Racist Fuckheads: If u lost in Alabama, u're going to lose EVERYWHERE in 2018    12/13/17  (14)
Moore: need to wait for 1,000 military ballots, could overturn 21,000 vote loss    12/13/17  (1)
Jones got higher margin among African Americans than Barack Obama in AL    12/13/17  (2)
How many active daily users on xo? Why not do annual destination roast?Serious q    12/13/17  (2)
Jones: "This was a blacklash"    12/13/17  (4)
Rate Doug Joness cute dotter (link)    12/13/17  (2)
can't think of a worse person on the planet than jeff sessions    12/13/17  (3)
Quick q, now that USA is a one party country, when does civil war start?    12/13/17  (1)
jesus Roy Moore was a complete fucking clown wasn't he    12/13/17  (10)
the pathetic desperation of board trumpmos over AL results is 180    12/13/17  (1)
Lol at Trumptards losing in ALABAMA    12/13/17  (8)
deranged board trumpmos now blaming REPUBLICAN AL SOS    12/13/17  (3)
Trump received 1/3rd of the Latino vote in 2016    12/13/17  (3)
The Trump Effect: gay black senator Cory Booker stumping successfully in deep so    12/13/17  (2)
The most psychedelic claymation I've ever seen    12/13/17  (7)
2018: Democrats win Congress in biggest landslide since 1932. 2020: Trump reelec    12/13/17  (9)
jjc polishing his resume for THE LEAGUE exclusive ski trip    12/13/17  (20)
LOL more 180 hilariously pathetic jjc posts from WSO ITT    12/13/17  (96)
Republicans are going to get slaughtered in 2018 and 2020    12/13/17  (29)
Is 4K the same as Ultra HD?    12/13/17  (5)
Wait, Trump was deposed by an Alabama election? How is this possible?    12/13/17  (1)
What happened to the phineasgage food truck    12/13/17  (4)
Reminder: EPAH has mud children, should get a pass for being lib    12/13/17  (1)
Roy Moore = Trash. Won't concede because his dick is stuck up his horse    12/13/17  (1)
Moore hasn't conceded gracefully... I'm fucking shocked    12/13/17  (6)
In the future, old websites will be haunted by the remnents of AI bots    12/13/17  (4)
I can trade crypto in exchange sites when traveling overseas    12/13/17  (1)
IT NEVER ENDS!    12/13/17  (1)
congrats GOP, you gerrymandered so u could push policies ppl hate, now u lose    12/13/17  (1)
Moore would have been fine even with the pedo shit if he didn't piss off blacks    12/13/17  (1)
Alabama voters taught us an important lesson: board trumpmos are vile garbage    12/13/17  (3)

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